4 Dec. 2023 Two more podcast episodes added to the Human Rights Magazine channel!

13 Nov. 2023 Another song added to the Upstream Journal World Music playlist on Spotify, by Cui Jian of China. The playlist has over 100 songs of social and/or human rights interest. Here is an English translation of the lyrics of this song; does it reflect a malaise in Chinese society?

“I have no use for those things
I feel dizzy and exhausted.
There’s a smell of human flesh around here.
It can only make people think about things between people
This dizzy feeling is hazy
Unknowingly, my body became light and airy
Look, am I different?
Like this red dot in gray
People’s eyes are like smoke
They wander around but don’t care
I can’t tell the direction or see the road clearly
I started to wonder if I was confused
There’s a smell of fire around here
Burning vaguely between helplessness and anger
I suddenly stepped on the air and my body was floating
I flew alone
I seem to have become a heroic bird
Flying between the sun and the smoke l opened my mouth and raised my voice Made a sound that had never been made before
The sound is so exciting that it scares people
One by one they stood up and shouted loudly
What the hell is going on? I was stunned too.
I fly higher
That night I flew back secretly and groped in the dark
The surrounding area still smells the same as before.
What I want is not in the air
It’s definitely not somewhere else but here
After a few days people finally found me
Everyone around them looked wrong.
Suddenly the fire set the air on fire
I can’t fly”

7 Nov. 2023. Youtube recently removed a short video promoting the Upstream Journal, focusing on the the issue we did about the global arms trade. The video was deleted for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” The video featured a song that included a reference to child soldiers, so perhaps that was Youtube’s concern. At any rate, the video was done several years ago, and we have been unable to find a backup copy.

31 July 2023. The site risk – hacker vulnerability – had been corrected. Author credits have been restored.

29 July 2023. We regret that info on article authors has been suspended, because of a software vulnerability that is rated “high-risk.” Author credits will be resumed as soon as the software has been secured.

May 2023. Internships have been offered to six new content creators, for the May-August period. Two other internship positions have been filled for Sept.-Dec.